About Us

The Universal Solutions team has cumulatively over one hundred person-years of experience in technology and digital marketing.

This team is led by our CEO who brings many years of high level first hand experience in industries like financial services, health care, tourism and language technologies. He is a strategic thinker, speaks at major meetup events, researches and writes about key issues in technology and business. He is supported by a team of expert advisors.

Our Mission

The company continuously strives to find new and better ways that enable businesses to get best value from their technology spending. Our aim is to keep abreast of new developments and make our expertise available to our customers.

We are determined to bring the benefits of the the best-of-breed technologies and know-how to whatever projects we undertake.

Our Goal

To enable businesses to maximize the value of their technology and marketing spending by exploring  opportunities to increase their ROI and minimize the cost of doing business.

To achieve this, we offer skills for user-friendly responsive website interface designs where businesses can customize any of their requirements. We have a network of experts ready to support you through your development and marketing projects. We encourage team members to adopt a life-long learning attitude that keeps us and you ahead of the competition.