Digital Marketing

The Challenge

More and more businesses today are moving their marketing and sales budgets to digital marketing.  The reason is simply better reach, valuable and accurate metrics  and reduced cost per customer acquisition.

As online media gained prominence, businesses now have a multiplicity of channels to promote their goods and services. Statistics show that over the past five years more than fifty percent of advertising spending is through marketing online.

Our Approach

The power of these channels grew as did the proliferation, complexity and competition. From social media channels like Facebook and  Instagram to video channels like Youtube, Vimeo  and Flickr, anyone can open and promote multiple channels to promote their online presence. As followers grew, so did the competition. For example, today many previously unknown names  like Simon Sinek with his ‘Start With Why’  to Neil Patel’s extensive online publications, anyone can build a successful brand online.

As the success of digital marketing grew, so did the peripheral tools and facilities that made the techniques more powerful and effective.

Digital marketers today  must keep abreast of not only the channels but also the vast array of emerging tools and facilities. Techniques like Customer Relations Management(CRM’s) that help bridge leads collected by marketing promotions to sales funnel management, Zapier integrations capabilities that bridge the gap between lead acquisition and CRM data aggregation, Buzzsumo that reaches influencers and a myriad of other facilities too numerous to mention, only the ones with the motivation to keep up-to-date will be the winners.

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