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We create and maintain modern websites for businesses using the latest and most appropriate technologies.

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Reach your customers with the most up-to-date and powerful digital marketing technologies available today.

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We help businesses remain competitive in today's fast-changing world where technology has been ushering in ever better, faster and more powerful ways to keep you ahead of the competition

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With over one hundred person-years of business and technical experience, you get access to a team that is best equipped to bring valued services to your business.

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Our team of technical experts is committed to lifelong learning that brings you the best of what's available today!

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We are committed to life-long learning. From our global team and in-depth knowledge of advanced web technologies to customer behavior and competitive strategies, we are adequately equipped to respond to your ever-changing needs 24/7.

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Beat the Competition with the best software and digital marketing methods available today!

Get the best value for money on your web technology initiatives.

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I have known Zai for many years. He has built a team of  competent technology professionals who encompass a wide range of skills. Zai is an honest, down-to-earth professional who can be trusted to deliver what he and his team promise. Great working with them!

Faud Khan
Owner - https://twelvedot.com/

Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Zai and his team of web technology professionals. They stood solid despite the demands we made for numerous changes and updates to our new website which Universal Solutions built for us. Zai is thorough and helped keep us focused as we went through the many stages of the evolution of our website. We continue to work with Zai and his team to help us keep up-to-date with the competition.

Doug Stewart
Marketing Manager - 321 Gang Inc.Doug Stewart

Who we are

Universal Solutions is a registered Canadian corporation in the Province of Ontario. The company started operations in 1993 as a technology research and management consulting group.

Among our accomplishments are :

  • advisor to Industry Canada on technology management
  • building a first Canadian Tourism Exchange for the Canadian Tourism Commission of Canada
  • creation of a massively scalable and flexible translation engine deployable on cloud infrastructures
  • technology and management consulting services to an overseas industrial complex
  • creation of a platform for customizable vacation packages
  • creation of websites for small and mid-sized businesses

The company has also engaged in information systems for health care management, logistics for an industrial complex and financial management systems.

The company has been assisted by The National Research Council of Canada in it research endeavors.

Digital Marketing

About us

The Universal team has cumulatively over sixty person-years of experience in technology, management, travel and tourism.

This team is led by our CEO who brings many years of high level first hand experience in Canadian and world tourism, travel and language technologies. He is a strategic thinker, speaks at major tourism events, researches and writes about key issues in several specialties like technology,  travel and management. He is supported by a team of expert in these fields.



The company continuously strives to find new and better ways that enable businesses to get best value from their technology spending. Our aim is to collect, organize, maintain and make available best-of-breed up-to-date tools, techniques and solutions available to customers.

We are determined to bring the benefits of these to customers wherever possible.

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