Digital Marketing Specialist

February 11 – 2019 : Universal Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce the recruitment of Niraj Bhagade as our Digital Marketing Specialist. This announcement comes after months of search for the right person with not only the valued skills but also a right fit for the team.

Digital marketing has exploded as businesses try to increase their competitiveness via marketing on digital platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and many social media initiatives have vastly advanced the capabilities to reach target audiences in ever faster, cheaper and personal ways. A vast array of tools and facilities have sprung up around these making it an ever-challenging task to keep abreast of what’s available, useful and workable.

Niraj brings many of these skills to the job. He has plunged into the task and already showing results with over two hundred leads generated since his hiring in February.

Welcome to the team Niraj!

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