Wyzgo Vacations Launch

January 10 – 2019 :  It’s been a long and arduous journey, filled with collaboration, skills enhancement and mistakes. But we finally made it over the finish line!

The Wyzgo Vacations platform was successfully launched today marking the culmination of two years of efforts by our team! This was a huge undertaking. Just to mention : data curation  of one million plus tour activities, over two hundred accommodation entities, market research, systems engineering, thirty-five sprints, elaborate testing, more than fifty reviews hundreds of fixes and finally the readiness salute for the launch.

This has been one of the major initiatives undertaken by the company in recent years. It represents a fulfillment of a product to fill the niche for customizable vacation packages. This achievement has placed the company way ahead of the competition for business among millennials and GenZ travelers. This is our response to the growing demand to move away from pre-packaged vacations to a vastly more flexible option to ‘do your own thing’, the tag line of the platform.

The company is now open for business. We are appealing to early adopters who are willing to gain novel experiences in new and traditional destinations.

The company is offering generous discounts to early adopters.

Want to try?  Visit the Wyzgo Vacations website for more details.

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